Region H.S. Wrestling Meet

The Region 8 H.S Wrestling Tournament was held this past Saturday at Pike County Central H.S.

1 Johnson Central (16th Consecutive Region 8 Title)
2 Boyd County
3 Martin County
4 Mason County
5 Montgomery County
6 Pikeville, KY
7 West Carter
8 Ashland Blazer
9 Belfry, KY
10 Paintsville, KY

Guaranteed Individual Places
1st Place – John Cline of Martin Co
2nd Place – Carson Matney of Johnson Central
3rd Place – Maverick Moore of Boyd Co
4th Place – Evan Martin of Mason Co
5th Place – Bradley Newman of Floyd Central
6th Place – Landyn Huffman of Belfry
1st Place – Zac Scott of Johnson Central
2nd Place – Zander Nottingham of Boyd Co
3rd Place – Nick Harless of Martin Co
4th Place – Jordan Haines of Montgomery Co
5th Place – Isaac Henderson of Mason Co
6th Place – Trevor Cooper of Greenup Co
1st Place – Ryan Smith of JCHS
2nd Place – Bryson Carrington of Mason Co
3rd Place – Ethan Swearingen of West Carter
4th Place – Jace Bowling of Boyd Co
5th Place – Gavin Stepp of Martin Co
6th Place – Abdulla Imran of Montgomery Co
1st Place – Bentley Brown of Boyd Co
2nd Place – Julian Stafford of Martin Co
3rd Place – Braylon Dewire of JCHS|
4th Place – Braxton Sexton of Letcher Co Central
5th Place – Dylan Burton of Raceland
6th Place – Eaven Lamb of Mason Co
1st Place – Brock Messer of Martin Co
2nd Place – Dakota Ferguson of JCHS
3rd Place – Cooper Scott of Pikeville
4th Place – Kaiden Nottingham of Boyd Co
5th Place – Daxton Baker of Montgomery Co
6th Place – Creston Fuller of Mason Co
1st Place – James Morris of JCHS
2nd Place – Noah Weissbach of Montgomery Co
3rd Place – Alex Maynard of Paintsville
4th Place – Jake Stafford of Martin Co
5th Place – Jaydon Dehart of Boyd Co
6th Place – Hunter Kendrick of Letcher Co Central
1st Place – Parker Maynard of Martin Co
2nd Place – Clayton Bradley of Mont. Co
3rd Place – Chase Gillum of Boyd Co
4th Place – Nathaniel Williams of Ashland
5th Place – Luke Lockard of Pike Co Central
6th Place – Michael Spradlin of JCHS
1st Place – Rafe Price of Martin Co
2nd Place – Carson Gillum of Ashland
3rd Place – Dawson Jackson of Montgomery Co
4th Place – Ethan Justice of Pike Co Central
5th Place – Hunter Truesdell of Mason Co
6th Place – Andrew Pugh of Pikeville
1st Place – Tony Leader of Boyd Co
2nd Place – Davin Skinner of W. Carter
3rd Place – Caden Ratliff of Pike Co Central
4th Place – Maddox Bryant of Hazard
5th Place – Brady Daniel of JCHS
6th Place – Greg Ramey of Paintsville
1st Place – Dalton Matney of JCHS
2nd Place – John Jackson of Boyd Co
3rd Place – Benjamin Thomerson of Montgomery Co
4th Place – Raymond Rayburn of West Carter
5th Place – Crayson Lafferty of Paintsville
6th Place – Robert Workman of Belfry
1st Place – Isaiah Barillas of Pikeville
2nd Place – Seth Davis of JCHS
3rd Place – Barry Gifford of Mason Co\
4th Place – Dante Davis of Belfry\
5th Place – Kasey Conley of Perry Co Central
6th Place – Caleb Jackson of Montgomery Co
2nd Place – Jack Hogsten of Boyd Co
3rd Place – Jayden Sampsell of Perry Co Central
4th Place – Jonathan Collins of Belfry
5th Place – Juan (izley) Morales of Mason Co
6th Place – Christian Wheeler of Greenup Co
1st Place – Payton Lyons of JCHS
2nd Place – Mecaiyon Jackson of Mason Co
3rd Place – Jacob Johnson of Floyd Cent.
4th Place – Andrew Mckinley of Mont Co
5th Place – Gage Logan of Hazard
6th Place – Kameron Akers of Pikeville
1st Place – Cole Christian of Ashland
2nd Place – Drew Ferguson of Pikeville
3rd Place – Joseph Cooper of E. Carter
4th Place – Isaac Adkins of JCHS
5th Place – Derek Williams of W. Carter
6th Place – Theron Ritchie of Mason Co